2 Dumas Street Mount Barker South Australia 5251
(08) 8391 1241

The School Dental Service Clinic is co-located on our school grounds and offers dental care for all children under 18 years who live or go to school in South Australia. Opening hours are between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Dental services are provided by teams of dentists, dental therapists and dental assistants at clinics throughout South Australia. 

Dental care is free for all babies, all children not yet at school and most children and young people under 18 years.

The best time for a child's first dental check up is between 12 and 18 months of age.

Please call the clinic on 8391 0858 to make an appointment for your child or submit your details using the appointment request form and they will phone you to make an appointment.