2 Dumas Street Mount Barker South Australia 5251
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Our centre for students with complex needs is co-located on our school site.

Whilst the learning space has been specially created to support students who require a different learning journey to their mainstream friends, inclusion is a priority and the students' days are enriched through mainstream experiences and a culture of belonging.

In order to access this learning facility, an application needs to be made to the Special Options Panel with places allocated on a priority basis. This process is managed outside of our school at the Regional Education Office in the Home Maker Centre through the Special Educator.

Once a place has been offered, families are welcome to come and tour our school and the specialist facility. We are pleased to advise prospective families that during our re-build the specialist classrooms will be integrated into the main classroom complex, providing more opportunities for inclusion and access to our specialist facility for our mainstream students.

For students who are offered a place in the centre, a thorough and supported transition process is negotiated through our Disability Coordinator. The teaching ratio is one teacher to 8 students plus full-time SSO support in each classroom.

In negotiation with the Disability Coordinator we welcome external service providers which enable teachers to implement and support long term holistic goals.

Teachers use data to inform the next steps in the students' learning journeys and this information is captured through the Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES) portal. It is a curriculum assessment and reporting tool that:

  • allows teachers to assess students with complex needs readiness to learn
  • generates reports that help to plan for personalised learning
  • provides guidance material and strategies to help teach students based on their individual learning needs, with links to the appropriate curriculum level and resources
  • tracks student progress and achievements.

All students have holistic goals set and monitored through the One Plan process.

Students can arrive at the centre from 8.45am with school starting at 9am as this is when the classrooms are fully staffed.  The school day finishes at 3.10pm.  We are able to offer some flexibility with regard to start and finish times, as we are aware that some families may have to drop siblings off at other educational settings. This can be negotiated with your child's teacher.

Many students who attend our specialist centre are also eligible for transport assistance through the NDIS. Please explore this with your planner prior to commencing school. The Department of Education is unable to consider any applications until the line for travel is documented in the most recent NDIS plan.