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Mount Barker Primary School's dress code aims to keep our students safe

• Students complying with the school dress code are clearly visible when away from the school during excursions.

• Provide a sense of belonging and citizenship amongst our students

• Address notions of peer pressure with regard to fashion and appearance, by keeping all students appearance equal.

• Assist families with the cost of clothing for their children.


Our dress code must be consistent with the policy of the Department of Education, as expressed in the Education Act. No student should be educationally disadvantaged for not wearing the school uniform. The school recognises the diversity of it's community and respects the cultural and religious beliefs of it's members. The dress code should be based on the notion of sensible, appropriate clothing for school. We have great pride in our school and urge students to wear its uniform.


Students not complying with the school dress code will have restricted choice about where they can play in the schoolyard. For reasons of safety and supervision students not complying with the school dress code will be restricted to the asphalt area and the grassed bank of the oval. 

The wearing of the school dress code will be a prerequisite for participation in school excursions and other activities away from the school. Class teachers will monitor student dress code and will notify Parents when students are not in appropriate school clothing.

The School Uniform

•        Plain navy blue pants or track pants (no denim jeans) or plain navy blue skorts, skirts or shorts. (Not shorter than mid thigh).

•        Navy blue short sleeved polo top.

•        Navy blue cotton shirt, short or long sleeve with collar.

•        Navy blue long sleeve skivvy.

•        Navy blue short sleeved polo shirts (school logo preferred).

•        Navy blue leggings.

•        Navy blue windcheaters round neck or ½ zip (school logo available from the front office).

•        School summer fabric dress button or zip, with collar ( no shorter than mid thigh).

•        School winter fabric pinafore or skirt. ( no shorter than mid thigh).

•        Year 7 Students : To encourage a greater sense of identity and responsibility, year 7 students may also wear a specially designed navy blue ‘seniors’ hooded windcheater.

•        Note - Skirts must have black or navy blue bike shorts or sports briefs underneath as P.E and sports are a part of the curriculum.

•        Students are required to wear school approved broad brim (minimum 7cm) or legionnaires hats for all outside activities from the beginning of September to the end of May. Baseball and bucket hats are not acceptable.

•        Students who do not have suitable head wear will remain in the designated shade areas during the play period

•        Students may choose to wear their school hat during the months of June to August (inclusive).


Sunscreen: The use of sunscreen is encouraged.


Sports shoes with non marking soles are preferred with navy or white socks.

Unacceptable Clothing

Singlets or T-Shirts with no collar

Sleeveless or Crop tops

Thongs; Slides; Mules; or High Heels

Clothing with logos, slogans, brand names etc.

Strategically torn clothing.

Shorts/skirts that cannot be seen when polo shirt is untucked.


Should be kept to a minimum and studs or sleepers should be worn in lieu of other earrings.

Hair accessories in navy and/or white.


Should not be worn at school.