2 Dumas Street Mount Barker South Australia 5251
(08) 8391 1241

Our Kiss and Drop Zone is located on Apollo Street.

This zone allows parents the convenience of not having to find a park, in preference to being able to swiftly and safely drop (or pick up) their children at the kerbside and then immediately drive away.

Please note the following information

The solid yellow line in front of the Staff Car Park (pictured here) means cars are not permitted to stop where there is a solid yellow line. Please do not drive through or park in the staff car park at any time.

The yellow dashed line on Apollo Street indicates where cars may stop briefly and pick up or let children out of cars.

Drivers are not permitted to leave or park the vehicle. Please move to the front of the line when in the zone.

If parents arrive and their child is not yet at the kiss and drop zone they will be required to do another lap to avoid congestion.

A shelter is offered for waiting students, connected to Apollo Street by a short path.

School Staff will be on duty until 3:30pm in the afternoon to supervise children leaving the school grounds.

Children will be allowed from the school grounds when parents arrive in the zone. As an added safety precaution, no child will be permitted on the footpath until parents arrive.

Please view the Map on this page to understand the circular route of the KISS & GO zone or download the PDF for further reference.