2 Dumas Street Mount Barker South Australia 5251
(08) 8391 1241

Dear Prospective Family,

I love this school and I am proud to be part of this community. The culture is good. It’s fun to visit.

I have taught for several decades in several systems, and now I’m a parent of primary age children. From these perspectives, and as chair of the school’s governing council, I see a lot to celebrate. I see staff supported and challenged to ply their craft. The school has highly professional teachers who “get it.” The support staff in the class and front office know the students names and interests and their presence makes students feel safe and secure. I see rich experiences, rituals that reassure, and lots of fun. The academic stretch is there, as well as the support for a range of learning styles and needs to thrive and be celebrated for who they are.

The school culture is innately inclusive. My son in a wheelchair, nonverbal, had an excellent start in the unit, then did the rest of his schooling in the mainstream. He knew he belonged. We aim for every student to feel this way. Now, all of us benefit from the stunning new classrooms that the students deserve.

I have been humbled by the breadth of experience of parents who helped on governing council, thoroughly enjoyed their company and support, and encourage anyone to come and join us to preserve and develop this very happy community.

The governing council will be seeking new members in 2023 and it is a great way to support the teaching and learning at Mount Barker Primary.

I invite you to be part of our community and encourage you to join our team.