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Important School Policies

Department for Education schools use policies that are developed at a state level. Please see the Department for Education website for school related policies and procedures. There are instances when policies and procedures are adapted to be site specific, this assists us with the implementation of the policy/procedure.
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Assessment and Reporting

In term 1 all parents are invited to attend a parent/teacher conference.  This is an opportunity for teachers to provide feedback on how students have settle for the year and goals that have been set. It also provides parents with an opportunity to share things that have been going well for their child and to share any areas that require further support. At the end of term 1 any students who require a personalised curriculum will be invited to take part in the One Plan process. ...

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Student Dress Code

Mount Barker Primary School's dress code aims to keep our students safe

• Students complying with the school dress code are clearly visible when away from the school during excursions.

• Provide a sense of belonging and citizenship amongst our students

• Address notions of peer pressure with regard to fashion and appearance, by keeping all students appearance equal.

• Assist families with the cost of clothing for their children.

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Grievances Policy

Mount Barker Primary School is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students.

Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience reflect our school’s high expectations of all members of the school community to support students to become responsible citizens.

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