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An Exciting School Redevelopment is Close!

Starting in December 2020, as part of the Building Better Schools Project, our school will have an exciting new classroom complex built, offering students access to modern and expanded facilities.

Building 1 (School Administration and years 3-4 classes) and Building 2 (years 5-7, including LOTE and Drama) will be demolished to make way for the new building. Noting Mount Barker's recent housing expansion, this will house 18 classrooms and allow our school to grow by about 70 children. Our redevelopment will also include the relocation of our specialist classrooms catering for students with complex needs, ensuring authentic inclusion for all our students.

There will no doubt be challenges as existing classes are temporarily relocated to make way for the construction.  However, we are confident all of our school community can work together eagerly to achieve the wonderful final outcome.

Please do revisit this section of our website often to see plans, schedules and new notifications as they're released.

Big Build Update December 2020

HOORAY THE WORKS HAVE BEGUN! It is extremely exciting to see works commence.  Over the Christmas holiday period building 2 will be demolished.  This includes asbestos removal so no one is allowed on site from 18th December until 20th January. Once school leadership return to site mid January we will have a look at the site boundaries and do some further planning, including risk assessments, to see what play areas we can identify and how we will supervise those areas during the...

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